Tropical Food Machinery is a private equity company; it was established in 1993, in Italy with the purpose of providing complete facilities for processing fruits and tomatoes. Tropical Food Machinery – Brazil was established in 1999, in Pouso Alegre – Minas Gerais State. 

All directors members and technical staff have great professional experience in companies of equipment and process for industries of tomatoes and fruits, covering all stages of processing till the final products.


The founder of Tropical Food Machinery, Mr. Romano Orsi collaborated with the major Italian companies in the branch, before that, he had founded in 1975, Tecnifood, in Pouso Alegre – MG which was later sold to SASIB Group in 1988.

Tecnifood was a pioneer in some technologies in Brazil as pasteurizers for sauces and tomato puree, continuous concentrators, the first aseptic filling machines and a new system of extraction of tropical fruits.

Tropical Food Machinery has already undertaken great challenges for special customers, making customer service and quality the main features to assure a performance turned to the efficiency and competitiveness.

Currently the plant for the production of equipment in Brazil is located in the Industrial District in Pouso Alegre and the Italian plant is located in the province of Parma.

New Generation of TF EA-2C-BD Aseptic Filler

TFM is proud to introduce the latest generation of the TF EA-2C-BD aseptic filler, state-of-the-art TFM line equipment

Aseptic storage system - Les Jus de Marmande

The Tropicalfood Machinery aseptic storage system is designed for long-term storage of liquids submitted to sterilization treatment. The system was implemented at the company Les Jus de Marmande in France and went into operation at the end of 2017.

Line for aseptic açai berry

Tropical Food Machinery (TFM) is the developer for one of the first lines of aseptic açai berry in Brazil. The company incorporates what is the most modern in the market....