Thanks to the constant commitment of Tropical Food Machinery in the field of research, the equipment are designed and built in accordance to the most advanced technologies, for great or medium productive capacities with low power consumption and total warranty in keep the organoleptic characteristics of the processed fruits. The production lines offer the following advantages, listed below:

Specific technological cycles for each fruit;

Higher yield;

Cost cutback of production;

Time reduced of the stopped line;

Reduced maintenance;

Continuous control of the entire process through monitoring system;

Automated CIP system for washing the machines.

Tropical Food Machinery is continuously developing and following the tendencies of the Market regarding to the most advanced technologies. Our facility in PARMA – Italy, has been developing and establishing technologies which natural and healthier products are the results. We can mention among others:

High consistence of tomato pulp:

UHV deactivator to reach the inactivation of enzymes and microorganisms in less than 7 seconds;

Great thermal inertia;

High speed of recirculation;

Final viscosity of the concentrate below 2º Bostwick.

Low Time of residence in the Concentrator:

Our concentrators either for tomato or tropical fruits, are consisted of recirculation with two beams of tubes, one upward and another one downward which allows:

High heat exchange with low volume of the product;

Input into the camera in high turbulence;

Evaporated water is separated faster;

Low dragging of aromas and product;

Lower time of residence;

Low expenses with cleaning solutions and fresh water;

Better thermal efficiency;

Better color and viscosity.

High viscosity in concentration:

For a high competitiveness, derivate products from tomato must have a high consistence. Our concentrators can reach high levels of fiber even with high concentrations of the product. Pulps of tomato can be concentrated at 30-32% with 2º Bostwick. Only concentrators manufactured by TROPICAL FOOD MACHINERY can achieve those performances. 

Production of “pezzetoni” tomato cubes for ready sauces: 

We are one of the few companies around the world with technology and established factory aimed to produce chopped tomato used for ready sauces. The latest trend in Italian and world market is a sauce with whole pieces of tomato, but without using the conventional technology of cube cutters. 

The tomatoes chopping is made by a rotating press where the product is smashed against a strainer obtaining whole pieces with a variety of sizes which gives a homemade appearance to the final product. 

Fruit pulps with high viscosity and fiber: 

Consumers of fruit juices require more and more products minimally processed products and the closest taste as possible of the natural fruit. Thus the level of fiber and viscosity gain importance in the quality of the fruit pulp.

Our inactivators of extract fruit and concentrators allow the processing of pulps with a high level of fibers and high viscosity without the need of enzyme into the pulp prior to concentration.

Cold extraction: 

The system of cold extraction developed by Tropical Food Machinery allow obtaining apple pulp, peach, pear, kiwi and others without heating or chemical coat obtaining a natural product without color change, without color transference or even undesirable flavors. Regarding the apple it is possible to produce juice or white puree from red fruits.

Processing the Acai Berry:

Tropical Food Machinery developed the first continuous line in processing acai berry. All the system of receiving, maceration, extraction, water dosage and standardization is made by an automated line guaranteeing bigger yield and homogeneity for the final product with extremely reduced costs of workmanship.

We are also pioneers in the development of aseptic lines for pulp of acai berry.


Fispal Technology 2022

On June 21st until 24th, 2022, Fispal Tecnologia will happen the biggest business event in the food sector! The event will be hosted at São Paulo Expo from 1 pm.

General Mills vegetable fat processing plant

In 2021, the work on the General Mills vegetable fat processing plant was completed.

Bodukwan plant opening – Ghana

Bodukwan plant opening – Ghana On December 1st, a new multifruit facility by Tropical Food Machinery was inaugurated in the Ashanti region of Ghana.