Fispal Technology 2022

On June 21st until 24th, 2022, Fispal Tecnologia will happen the biggest business event in the food sector! The event will be hosted at São Paulo Expo from 1 pm.

General Mills vegetable fat processing plant

In 2021, the work on the General Mills vegetable fat processing plant was completed.


Tropical Food Machinery has patented the new automatic banana peeler “Cerere 6000” which has a working capacity of 6 mT/h of fresh product and a pulp extraction yield of 60%.

International FoodTec Award 2021 in silver

Tropicalfood Machinery has successfully put forward an innovative project for the International FoodTec Award 2021, which is awarded every three years by DLG together with strong specialist and media partners.

Bodukwan plant opening – Ghana

Bodukwan plant opening – Ghana On December 1st, a new multifruit facility by Tropical Food Machinery was inaugurated in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

New Generation of TF EA-2C-BD Aseptic Filler

TFM is proud to introduce the latest generation of the TF EA-2C-BD aseptic filler, state-of-the-art TFM line equipment

Processing record at Predilecta

Tropical Food Machinery is proud to contribute to the results of its customers in the 20 years of operation in Brazil and, at this moment, comes to congratulate Predilecta for reaching the record for processing tomatoes in a single day.

Aseptic storage system - Les Jus de Marmande

The Tropicalfood Machinery aseptic storage system is designed for long-term storage of liquids submitted to sterilization treatment. The system was implemented at the company Les Jus de Marmande in France and went into operation at the end of 2017.

Tropical Food Machinery participation in trade fairs in 2020

Tropical Food Machinery participation in trade fairs in 2020

Aroma recovery unit

The Aroma Recovery Unit, designed to extract aromas from a natural juice vapor, basically consists of...

FDA certification

Tropical Food Machinery’s aseptic filling machines for low-acid product are now FDA APPROVED...

Line for aseptic açai berry

Tropical Food Machinery (TFM) is the developer for one of the first lines of aseptic açai berry in Brazil. The company incorporates what is the most modern in the market....