Comunidade de Ação Pastoral – C.A.P. 

“Humbly at Service of All”

The Pastoral Community – C.A.P. Comunidade de Ação Pastoral, was established on May 29th, 1978, idealized and founded by Father Mário Zappa, an Italian Priest, he was born in the city of Arcore, and living in the city of Pouso Alegre, southern Minas Gerais State, Brazil, since 1974.

Fr. Mário is director of C.A.P. and he makes the efforts to provide to the beneficent ones, from the Association, a deep experience of love to God, the exercising of Charity, and the deepest meaning of the word serve.

C.A.P. acts in the departments listed below, where are performed the beneficent activities of the Association:

Home of Jesus of Nazareth – day boarding school for males;

Home of Saint Angels – day boarding for children with HIV;

Home Mamma Angela – day boarding school for females;

Education Center Three Kings – preschool and elementary school;

Sports Center Fr. Mário Zappa – sports and leisure;

Ambulatory Carlo Zappa – medical assistance and medicine distribution;

Cenacle C.A.P. – a place for conferences, prayers, and meetings;

Home Atílio Corsini – daycare unit for children from 3 to 6 years old;

Nursery Luca Gittardi – day nursery.

For the maintenance of those works, that currently attends an average of 600 children, C.A.P counts with volunteer collaborations from Pouso Alegre/MG and from the city of Arcore, who in a voluntary way contributes that nothing won’t be missing to these children. Tropical Food Machinery supports and financially contributes to C.A.P. in order to be a synonym of success.

Fispal Technology 2022

On June 21st until 24th, 2022, Fispal Tecnologia will happen the biggest business event in the food sector! The event will be hosted at São Paulo Expo from 1 pm.

General Mills vegetable fat processing plant

In 2021, the work on the General Mills vegetable fat processing plant was completed.

Bodukwan plant opening – Ghana

Bodukwan plant opening – Ghana On December 1st, a new multifruit facility by Tropical Food Machinery was inaugurated in the Ashanti region of Ghana.