New Generation of TF EA-2C-BD Aseptic Filler

New Generation of TF EA-2C-BD Aseptic Filler


Continuing the great effort made in the development of highly reliable aseptic fillers, TFM is proud to introduce the latest generation of the TF EA-2C-BD filler, state-of-the-art TFM line equipment.

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Remember that aseptic treatment is the right solution to store products at room temperature, avoiding contamination during and after the filling process, ensuring that the product maintains its best characteristics over long storage periods.

In this sense, our most advanced filler brings many new features:

  • All available models, whether single or double filler heads, can be supplied in Low Acid version - FDA approved - and suitable for filling highly sensitive products such as banana puree.

  • Double weighing system: load cell and flowmeter. You can choose either or both systems with redundancy control.

  • Can fill bags from 2 to 1,500 liters without changing the aseptic head position. Smaller bags are filled with the flowmeter.

  • Internal illumination of the filling chamber.

  • Vertical head movement by screw with frequency inverter. 4 digital sensors (lower and upper movement limit for drums and bins - regulation according to container types) and 1 analog sensor for real time position.

  • Horizontal movement by pneumatic pistons, with hydraulic brake on Bosch guides and skids, with position sensors.

  • Automatic positioning for 4 drums on pallet or bin by sensors installed on motorized conveyors.

  • Automatic head movement in case of 4-drum pallet filling, with a single operator touch, making a Z.

  • Other sensors can be added for interlocking belts by adjusting the software.

  • Enclosed utilities on the back of the support column for steam and compressed air.

  • Siemens or Allen Bradley hardware (Compact Logix or Flex / Point IO).

  • Condensate discharge with vacuum system by compressed air generator, level sensor accumulation tank, automatic discharge and slotted head plate and slope.

  • CIP with adapter nozzle and flexible hose connected from head to return point on line.

  • New filling chamber design facilitating maintenance and cleaning.

  • Renewed software with new maintenance module and possibility to view status and calibration of all sensors of the equipment.

  • Printing module.

  • Default configuration of communication with other aseptic line equipment even from other manufacturers.

  • Possibility to search and display temperature graphs by desired date and time.

  • Optional E-won Modem communication for remote access or 4G Modem for added security.


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