Tropical Food Machinery has patented the new automatic banana peeler “Cerere 6000” which has a working capacity of 6 mT/h of fresh product and a pulp extraction yield of 60%.

Cerere 6000 will guarantee you a precise automatic peeling system and a reduced use of workforce, a processing of the pulp in inert atmosphere with anti-oxidant treatment, a constant productivity and an excellent final quality.


Model: TFCERERE 6000

Capacity: 6,000 kg/h   -   35,000 bananas/h


Briefly, the industrial and technological advantages offered by Cerere 6000 can be summarized in:

Employment of only 10-15 operators for the operations related to sorting and loading of the banana hand on the steel cable that brings them to the chamfering unit (operation of removal of the upper edge of the banana).

Quick automatic banana peeling. The peeling of the single fruit is performed instantly guaranteeing a clear separation of peel and pulp.

Constant cleaning with water of the surfaces in contact with the product in order to facilitate the expulsion of the residues of the peels from the peeler.

No contact between pulp and atmospheric oxygen. The peeler Cerere 6000 carries out automatically the peeling in a nitrogen atmosphere chamber avoiding also any contact between the pulp and the operators.

Anti-oxidant treatment. The direct contact of ascorbic and/or citric acid with the pulp avoids oxidation and preserves the natural organoleptic properties of the banana: color, taste and firmness.

General Mills vegetable fat processing plant

In 2021, the work on the General Mills vegetable fat processing plant was completed.

Bodukwan plant opening – Ghana

Bodukwan plant opening – Ghana On December 1st, a new multifruit facility by Tropical Food Machinery was inaugurated in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

International FoodTec Award 2021 in silver

Tropicalfood Machinery has successfully put forward an innovative project for the International FoodTec Award 2021, which is awarded every three years by DLG together with strong specialist and media partners.