Vacuum evaporator by batch

Vacuum evaporator by batch (discontinuous / Pan Evaporator)

Tropical Food Machinery is continuously developing and following the tendencies of the market regarding to the most advanced technologies. Our facility in Parma– Italy has been developing and establishing technologies, which result in natural and healthy products.

Although is a traditional technology, Vacuum evaporators are highly applied in food industries. Concentrators, in a simple effect are properly used for the concentration of pulpy juices in manufacturing sweets, candies, jellies and high viscosity concentrates. Those concentrators work in low temperature due the high vacuum environment, therefore related to color, flavor, scent and proteic content the final product has a high quality to offer. 

Vacuum evaporators are also used in formulation and production of tomato sauces. They are great to be used in the production of ketchup and ready to use sauces, which can contain or not pieces of meat or other ingredients.

The concentration system is complete with a semi barometric condensation column, which allows a better utilization of the water from condensation, and the liquid ring vacuum pump for the exhaust of the non-condensable gases. Each body has a semispherical bottom with a stirrer where the scraper assures an efficient thermal change and exchange and it does not allow forming incrustations on the wall.


Capacities: according to customer’s demand.

Fispal Technology 2022

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General Mills vegetable fat processing plant

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Bodukwan plant opening – Ghana

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