Aseptic sterilizers

Aseptic tubular sterilizers

They are ideal for the treatment of concentrate and whole fruit pulp intended for the aseptic packaging. TFM Sterilizers are designed with the most advanced technology, proof of that is the automated and computerized operation that allows an extremely safe and reliable processing.

The equipment is fully built in stainless steel AISI 304 or 316. The components are also mounted on a steel skid structure.

Using the highest quality components the TFM Sterilizers are highly trustworthy and may face the toughest harvest safely.

The operation of the sterilizer is fully automated in its three steps of processing: sterilization, production and CIP cleaning. All relevant data of the process are registered by the automated system and provided to the Quality Control of the plant.

As an option, the supervisory system can be supplied to controlling and supervision of the operations through a remote terminal.

The assembly can be provided of deaerator to nectars and whole pulps, and a homogenizer if required by the customer.


Models Available:

TFM      500 – capacity      500 Kg/h

TFM   1.000 – capacity   1.000 Kg/h

TFM   2.000 – capacity   2.000 Kg/h

TFM   3.000 – capacity   3.000 Kg/h

TFM   5.000 – capacity   5.000 Kg/h

TFM   7.000 – capacity   7.000 Kg/h

TFM 10.000 – capacity 10.000 Kg/h


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