CIP Central automation

CIP Central automation

The automated and centralized CIP system offers cleaning with total security  by using recirculation of detergents and sanitizers in appropriate temperatures, besides it can guarantee a superior drag speeds upon surfaces more than needed, and speeds that can guarantee the necessary turbulence for cleaning pipes and connections as well.

When using the tank of recovered water, Central CIP allows reducing up to 40% the consumption of fresh water. At the rinsing time, the consumption of water can be scheduled to the minimum consumption, guaranteeing the necessary time, determined from the analyses of the residual water done by the lab. Likewise the first rinsing dragging out the existing dirt, guaranteeing this way the complete removal of detergents and sanitizers.

Detergents and sanitizers which are discharged during the cycle of the aseptic cleaning system are recovered by the Central CIP, and the consumption of those materials used for cleaning tanks and pipelines is reduced to the maximum as possible.

The follow steps are applied in the cleaning cycle of tubing sections or tanks:

  • Preliminary rinse
  • Detergent cycle
  • Intermediary rinse
  • Sanitizing cycle
  • Final rinse
  • Analysis of the residual water

Automation of the system avoids basic mistakes from operators, which can jeopardize the suitability of the production. TFM provides support for modification of the existing units by providing all instrumentation, valves and other components. The cycles are performed automatically.


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