Processing line of açai berry

Processing line of açai berry

This line was developed with the purpose to improve the traditional way of processing, aiming the increase of the productivity extraction, quality improvement of the final product and reduce labor costs applied to the process. All this is possible through the development of new equipment, which turns the traditional process into an automated and continuous process.

All the process is made in a continuous way since the receipt of raw material to maceration and dosage of water. Some differential of the line related to the traditional process is listed below as follow:

  • All equipment is speed controlled by frequency inverters intended to avoid lack or excess of product, keeping the regularity of the process.
  • High performance straw scavenger.
  • Continuous macerator with water temperature adjustment and timer to control the permanency of the product.
  • Automated dosage of the process water in the extraction for a perfect standardization of the final product.
  • Three-stage extraction system.
  • Reduced number of operators.
  • Fully automated line of pasteurization and cooling in phases of sterilization, production and CIP.
  • Automated filler machine with magnetic flowmeter.


The phases of the process are described below:

  • Receiving hopper.
  • Continuous straw scavenger.
  • Washer featuring a selection plan.
  • Continuous macerator.
  • Elevator.
  • Conveyor belt of weighing for the automated dosage of water.
  • System of extraction in three stages.
  • Buffer tank.
  • Automated tubular pasteurizer.
  • Filler machine for barrels/buckets or plastic bags.


Capacities of the line (fruit input):

  • According to the customer’s need.






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