Aseptic storage system

Aseptic storage system

The Tropical Food Machinery Aseptic Storage System has been developed for intermediate and long-term storage of liquids submitted to sterilization treatment. The main advantages offered by the aseptic storage system are:

  • Maintain the quality of the stored product without the need to add preservatives;
  • Maintain sterility of the product, protected from any type of external contamination;
  • Reduced energy costs, because storage at room temperature does not require refrigeration;
  • Elimination of packaging costs;
  • Possibility to supply aseptic tank trucks at ambient temperature, or non-aseptic at low temperature, for delivery at the destination plant.

The concept is simple, juices or purees coming directly from a sterilizer are stored in aseptic tanks at room temperature, without the need for cooling systems, keeping their natural characteristics unchanged.

The homogeneity of the product is guaranteed even in the presence of pulp or fibers, thanks to the installation of a magnetic stirrer.

If the product is consumed in the same unit, it is possible to feed the packaging lines from the storage tank itself. Otherwise, if the product is moved to another location, the product can be aseptically transferred to a tank truck with a capacity of up to 25tons.

All work phases are automatically controlled by a supervisory SCADA system, as well as the cycles of washing, sterilization, sterile pressurizing, filling and emptying. The tanks can be operated independently, thanks to a cluster of integrated aseptic valves.

All critical work parameters, such as temperatures and pressures, are constantly monitored to ensure maximum product safety and traceability of operations.

The total capacity and number of tanks are determined according to the production capacity and the variety of products to be stored.

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