Pineapple peeler "Ginaca"

Pineapple peeler / Cylinder Forming Machine - "Ginaca"

Equipment originally designed by the engineer Henry Ginaca (1876-1918) and used in canned pineapple production lines. Tropical food Machinery has evolved the design to fit the needs of modern industry. After washing and calibration, the medium and large fruits are fed to the pineapple peeler, while the remaining fruits are directed to the juice line.

The Pineapple peeler performs tip cutting, cylindrical debarking, and removal of the central stem.

The equipment consists of:

  • Conveyor-feeder;
  • Fruit centering and alignment group;
  • Set of cutting of the extremities, formation of the cylinder and removal of the central stem;
  • Recovery system of the residual pulp of the bark.

Machine capacity: 60 to 80 fruits per minute.


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