Extraction line of pineapple juice

Extraction line of pineapple juice

Tropical Food Machinery is a worldwide leader in manufacturing equipment for the extraction of pineapple juice. The developed technology provides better yield of extraction through the conjunct action with debarking machines that remove almost all the bark and presses that extract the juice contained in the pulp.

The great differential of the system is the entire usage of the fruit in production of Premium juice, which is obtained from the pressing of the fruit without peel.

The line is consisted by some equipment as follow below:

  • Fruit receiver
  • Washer
  • Selector
  • Brush washer
  • Extraction and enzymatic inactivation

For final standardization of the content of the pulp, it is recommended the integration of a decanter in production line.

The TFM system of pineapple extraction can process several variety of pineapple by adjusting equipment: Smooth Cayenne, MD2, Queen, Perola, among others.

The dimensioning of line is done according to customer’s need and required capacity.


Indicative capabilities below:

TFM Pineapple extraction              6.000         6.000 Kg/h     of fruit input

TFM Pineapple extraction              10.000      10.000 Kg/h     of fruit input

TFM Pineapple extraction              15.000      15.000 Kg/h     of fruit input

TFM Pineapple extraction              20.000     20.000 Kg/h      of fruit input



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