Line for tomato in chunks

Line for tomato in chunks

TFM processing lines for tomato were specifically developed to the production of products derived from tomatoes in pieces, they are ideal to use in ready-to-use sauces, which is the segment that grows faster in the tomato products market. A superior quality is obtained when fresh tomato is added to the ready sauce besides lower costs as a result of using a non-concentrated product in the final formulation.

Three steps of the process are needed for preparing a semi-processed product, which could be the base for all ready sauces:

  • Production line of ground product with separation of peel and seeds;
  • Line of formulation;
  • Line of aseptic filling.


Production line of ground product:

The first step of the line consists of a system of receiving, washing and selection. When tomato is already properly selected is subjected to a surface warming to separate its peel from the pulp. Next, the crusher presses the tomato casting out the inner juice along with the seeds. When fruits come out from the processing line they feature their thickness about 20 mm with loose peel, seeds and juices all separated.

The extruder consists of two perforated cylinders opposed that cause a lamination of the product. Both cylinders press the flatted fruits against the respective perforated surfaces, causing the extrusion of the pulp through the holes. In addition, fruit skins compressed between the cylinders remain on the surface of them been collected by means of tangential rotating brushes at the inferior section of the equipment. Grinding of the pulp is caused by the extrusion action, which is when the pulp passes through the holes, in a proportional dimension to the diameter of the holes.

All separated waste in the grinding process as juice and seeds are collected and sent through a positive pump to the existing line of concentrate juice. Next, the product is formulated in a process tank and sent to pasteurization and aseptic filling.


Line of formulation

The second step of the process is the formulation of the crushed tomatoes with concentrated pulp for obtaining the standard compound related to final brix value required for formulation of the sauces.

The process of formulation is done using jacketed tanks placed in platforms. After adding the crushed product, concentrated pulp and additives, the product is heat-treated to an indicated temperature and in sequence driven to the aseptic bottling.


Line of aseptic filling

The TFM aseptic line for formulated sauces is designed caring about the delicate treatment of the ground pulp, avoiding the excess of lamination, which prejudices the final quality and disintegrate the pieces of tomatoes. Wide passages and proper valves preserve the characteristics of the product until the bottling of the aseptic bag. TFM aseptic fillers are already provided with 2” nozzles just to avoid any damage to the product with those characteristics.


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