Triple effect evaporators for juice and crushed tomato

Triple effect evaporators for juice and crushed tomato

TFM evaporators are ideal for concentration of juices and crushed tomatoes, which are treated thermally with the UHV. With them it is possible to achieve high degree of concentration and consistency, with no prejudice for the organoleptic characteristics of the tomato. 

Concentrators with triple thermal effects of concurrent flow have a perfect balance between the gentle treatment of the product with low temperatures of evaporation and the reduction of energy wasted.

TFM Concentrators have dual heat exchangers on each stage of the evaporation, one ascending and another one descending, getting a bigger surface for the thermal exchange with a smaller capacity of pumping. The biggest surface of thermal exchange allows a lower temperature of the steam heating on the first stage related to the traditional concentrators improving the quality of the final product regarding to its color and scent.

The high speed of the product in the exchanger pipes of the three stages avoids incrustations even with high consistency products.

The operation of the hub is fully automatic, and in the various stages, the input of juice is controlled by electronic level regulators and the extraction of the concentrate by electronic refractometer that regulates the desirable brix.

As an option, it can be provided with the supervisory systems for controlling and supervision of the operations through a remote terminal. It is possible to integrate the cooling system - Flash Cooler with the evaporators dedicated to the concentration of refined tomato juice.



TFM   330 - processing capacity 330 tons/day of tomato

TFM   660 - processing capacity 660 tons/ day of tomato

TFM 1000 - processing capacity 1000 tons/ day of tomato

TFM 1500 - processing capacity 1500 tons/ day of tomato




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