Triple-effect concentrators by forced circulation

TFM forced circulation concentrators in triple thermal effect for fruit pulp

TFM evaporators are ideal for the concentration of juices and pulps of tropical and temperate climate fruits. With them, it is possible to achieve a high degree of concentration, even with high pulp content, without harming the organoleptic characteristics of the fruit.

Concentrators in triple thermal effect of concurrent flow have a perfect balance between the delicate treatment of the product with low evaporation temperatures and reduced energy expenditure.

TFM concentrators have dual tubular heat exchanger at each stage of evaporation, being one ascending and the other one descending, and are fully automated ensuring the highest safety in the process, and can be provided with aroma recovery as an optional.

In addition to the aroma recuperation system, it can be provided as an optional the supervisory system to control and supervise the operations through a remote terminal and the cooling system "Flash Cooler".


Triple Effect TFM Concentrator Models: 

TFM   250/3 – capacity of    2500 lt/h of evaporated water

TFM   300/3 – capacity of    3000 lt/h of evaporated water

TFM   500/3 – capacity of    5000 lt/h of evaporated water

TFM   750/3 – capacity of    7500 lt/h of evaporated water

TFM 1000/3 – capacity of  10.000 lt/h of evaporated water

TFM 1500/3 – capacity of  15.000 lt/h of evaporated water

TFM 3000/3 – capacity of 30.000 lt/h of evaporated water


General Mills vegetable fat processing plant

In 2021, the work on the General Mills vegetable fat processing plant was completed.

Bodukwan plant opening – Ghana

Bodukwan plant opening – Ghana On December 1st, a new multifruit facility by Tropical Food Machinery was inaugurated in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

International FoodTec Award 2021 in silver

Tropicalfood Machinery has successfully put forward an innovative project for the International FoodTec Award 2021, which is awarded every three years by DLG together with strong specialist and media partners.