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Triple effect evaporators for juice and crushed tomato

TFM triple effect evaporators are ideal for concentration of juices and crushed tomatoes, which are treated thermally with the UHV. With them it is possible to achieve high degree of concentration and consistency, with no prejudice for the organoleptic characteristics of the tomato.

Pulp and juice concentrator by forced circulation

The TFM evaporators by forced circulation are ideal for the concentration of juices from tropical and temperate climate fruit. pulp-and-juice-concentrator-by-forced-circulation...

Multiple effect concentrators for low viscosity juices

Falling Film evaporators are ideal for concentrations of low viscosity juices as grape, orange, coconut water, pineapple and others, and are widely applied in other branches like milk and dairy products as well.

Vacuum evaporator by batch

Vacuum evaporators by batch (Pan evaporators) , in a simple effect are properly used for the concentration of pulpy juices in manufacturing sweets, candies, jellies and high viscosity concentrates. Those concentrators work in low temperature due the high vacuum environment, therefore related to color, flavor, scent and proteic content the final pro...

Aroma recovery system

Due to the volatility of the natural aromas of the fruit the TFM developed the aroma recovery system that uses a double phase system to recover aromas of different compositions and that can be installed in the evaporator or in the extraction line.

Jams and sauces production line TF 250

The TFM Jams and sauces production line is a compact and small capacity line, but very versatile for the production of jams, tomato sauces, sugar syrups and other preparations.