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Vacuum evaporator by batch

Vacuum evaporators by batch (Pan evaporators) , in a simple effect are properly used for the concentration of pulpy juices in manufacturing sweets, candies, jellies and high viscosity concentrates. Those concentrators work in low temperature due the high vacuum environment, therefore related to color, flavor, scent and proteic content the final pro...

Juice formulation

The system of formulation of juices TFM consists of a set of equipment for formulation of juices based in fruit pulp by addition of water, additives and sugar.

Emptyng system of fruit pulps, juices and concentrates

This equipment was developed to empty the fruit pulps, concentrates and packed juices into 200 liters or 1000 liters aseptic bags.

Fruit pulp and juice defroster

Pulp and juice automated defroster system in 200 liters capacity barrels.

Sterilization and cooling tunnel

The TFM sterilization and cooling tunnel is applied to the heat treatment of hot filled packaging. They are used with cans, glass bottles / pots and stand up pouches or sachets.


The TFM Triblender is used for dissolving solids in liquids. Usually used in beverage formulation lines, preparation of sauces, syrups, ice cream bases, etc.