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Combined multi fruit line TF 1000

The combined Multifruit technological line was designed to all enterprises that want to install a processing line for whole pulps and juices production with processing capacity not over 1,500kg per hour of fruit input. The line has three modules that cover the washing, the extraction and the sterelization.

Aseptic sterilizers

TFM Aseptic sterilizers are ideal for the treatment of concentrate and whole fruit pulp intended for the aseptic packaging. TFM Sterilizers are designed with the most advanced technology, the automated and computerized operation allows an extremely safe and reliable processing.

Aseptic filling machines

TFM Aseptic filling machines are the ideal solution to reduce costs of stocking and shipment of food products, mainly pulp and juice. The system of aseptic filling in pre-sterilized bags preserves the product with no need of refrigeration for about 12 months.

Aseptic storage system

The Tropical Food Machinery Aseptic Storage System has been developed for intermediate and long-term storage of liquids submitted to sterilization treatment.

Multiple effect concentrators for low viscosity juices

Falling Film evaporators are ideal for concentrations of low viscosity juices as grape, orange, coconut water, pineapple and others, and are widely applied in other branches like milk and dairy products as well.

Line for fruit jam

The Line for fruit jam TFM was the developed to accomplish since the emptyng of the pulp to the bottling of the final product. The production is made by batches and the capacity of the line can be set according to the customer’s demand.

Vacuum evaporator by batch

Vacuum evaporators by batch (Pan evaporators) , in a simple effect are properly used for the concentration of pulpy juices in manufacturing sweets, candies, jellies and high viscosity concentrates. Those concentrators work in low temperature due the high vacuum environment, therefore related to color, flavor, scent and proteic content the final pro...

Aroma recovery system

Due to the volatility of the natural aromas of the fruit the TFM developed the aroma recovery system that uses a double phase system to recover aromas of different compositions and that can be installed in the evaporator or in the extraction line.

Pasteurizers for sauces, juices and pulps

The TFM Pasteurizers for sauces, juices and pulps are ideal for the treatment of whole pulps, concentrated juices and tomato sauce for frozen or hot fill bottling.

Single or double headed filling machine for cylindrical and plastic barrels, buckets, and bins

filling machine for cylindrical and plastic barrels, buckets, and bins, this is non-aseptic equipment, equipped with one or two heads in line for filling one packaging at a time, mounted on a support structure and its complete flexible tube for the feeding of the product.

Juice formulation

The system of formulation of juices TFM consists of a set of equipment for formulation of juices based in fruit pulp by addition of water, additives and sugar.

Emptyng system of fruit pulps, juices and concentrates

This equipment was developed to empty the fruit pulps, concentrates and packed juices into 200 liters or 1000 liters aseptic bags.

Fruit pulp and juice defroster

Pulp and juice automated defroster system in 200 liters capacity barrels.

Sterilization and cooling tunnel

The TFM sterilization and cooling tunnel is applied to the heat treatment of hot filled packaging. They are used with cans, glass bottles / pots and stand up pouches or sachets.

CIP Central

The centralized CIP system offers cleaning with total security by using recirculation of detergents and sanitizers in appropriate temperatures, besides it can guarantee a superior drag speeds upon surfaces more than needed, and speeds that can guarantee the necessary turbulence for cleaning pipes and connections as well. besides that,it can reduce ...

CIP Central automation

The automated and centralized CIP system offers cleaning with total security by using recirculation of detergents and sanitizers in appropriate temperatures cip-central-automation